Thermal Ribbons

Crown Labels supply a huge range of thermal ribbons (sometimes called thermal transfer ribbons) which are suitable for thermal printers and coding machines.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal Transfer Printing is a digital printing method which uses heat to transfer the coating of a thermal transfer ribbon to a material substrate, usually within a thermal printer or coding machine.

Thermal Ribbon Grades

Thermal Ribbons are polyester based films which are coated with different layers of ink depending on its intended use. These grades fall into 3 categories; WAX, WAX-RESIN and RESIN. Wax is an economical grade suited for very generalised and cost effective printing on standardised materials, whilst WAX RESIN and RESIN can be used on synthetic materials such as polypropylenes and offer high quality/durable printing solutions.

Thermal Ribbon Configurations

Thermal Ribbons can come in two different configurations, Flat Head or Near Edge, which refers to the print-head technology used within a manufacturers thermal printer. All our grades are specially formulated for maximum compatibility with each technology so to check which configuration your printer uses please use our RIBBON SELECTOR in the shop.

Types of Thermal Ribbons

Crown Labels supplies 5 different types of Thermal Ribbons which are listed below. All are in stock and available for NEXT DAY DELIVERY:

Flat Head Technology (Compatible with Zebra, Godex, TSC, Citizen and more)
Near Edge Technology (Compatible with Toshiba, Avery, Markem, Videojet, ICE and more)

Economical grade for printing on vellum and semi-gloss materials

Suitable for synthetic plastics as well as paper based materials

Useful where high durability and resistance is needed on all materials

All round high performance on all label materials

Extremely high performance with improved abrasion resistance and transfer speed

Printer Compatibility

Our Thermal Ribbons are compatible with the following manufacturers thermal printers

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