Thermal Printers

Thermal Printers

Thermal Printers

Thermal Printers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different requirements.

Mobile printers allow for the printing of labels and receipts on the move to increase employee productivity and accuracy. They are rugged, have long battery life and are reliable for use in a range of applications.

Desktop printers are compact and ideal where 2,000 labels or less per day are required. They have lots of features and can be used in standalone applications without connecting to a PC.

Industrial printers are purpose-built for high volume, high print speeds and robust performance. Each printer has been selected based on price, performance and features for any industrial application.

ZX1200i, ZX1300i, ZX1600i

Next generation, high output industrial barcode printer. 4 Inch Wide Printhead. Available in 203, 300 and 600 dpi options and capable of speeds of up to 10IPS (254mm/s).

DT2x / DT4x

DT2x & DT4x are both ultra-light, compact for best space utilization and support multiple communication ports; they are effective and multitasking for printing retail, warehouses, logistic & transportation, health care labels and tags.


Lightweight and portable the MX20 Mobile Thermal Printer provides a robust and hassle free solution to a variety of situations. Industry standard interfaces allow seamless integration into most applications.

T10 Label Rewinder

The simplest rewinding solution on the market, the T10 rewinder has an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the printer. Depending on the user’s requirements, the T10 can rewind "inside or outside" label rolls.

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