Easyliner (1000 Series)

High speed label application system

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The Easyliner (1000 Series) is an efficient print apply machine, easy to use for any operator, lightweight and low footprint.

  • Speed and liner maximum width depending on Sato LT408 print module installed
  • Built around a solid anodized aluminium alloy plate, with all the components protected by the rear metal shell.

A safe and robust machine, designed to last over time

  • 3 pneumatic solenoid valves
  • Reel housing (diameter 250mm / 9.84?)
  • Liner path rollers numbered for quick loading
  • Most easy to use, thanks to the multi functional operating button with integrated luminous LED
  • Alarm reset button
  • A luminous LED that signals alarms, machine state, stand-by (activated by external signal) or failure
  • Two flow regulators to control the exit and return of the pneumatic actuator
  • Two flow regulators to control the suction and holding force (Air Assist) of the label, at the dispensing stage
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