Wind 80/240 (3000 Series)

High speed label application system

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The Wind 80/240 (3000 Series) is a high performance labeler for applications requiring high speed, frequency and precision.

  • available in the versions for reel with liner of 80mm / 3.15″ or 240mm / 9.45″ maximum width
  • built on a solid aluminium alloy casting. A safe and most robust machine, designed to last over time
  • little footprint on the production line thanks to its “vertical” development
  • large diameter reel housing for long duration
  • expansion rewinder mandrel
  • independent motorized rewinder
  • Advanced control unit, which is removable and can be located on the side opposite the machine body or wherever most practical for the operator (cable length: 3 metres / 9.84 feet)
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