Basic 120 (1000 Series)

High speed label application system

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Thanks to a special return The Basic 120 (1000 Series) can have variable geometry, with the reel housing in two possible positions or even remoted.

  • 120mm / 4.72″ label liner maximum width
  • ideal for installation inside any packaging machine
  • independent control unit which can be located wherever most practical for the operator (cable length: 3 metres / 9.84 feet)
  • Very easy to use thanks to all the controls being concentrated in a single panel including 3 multiturn potentiometers (with blocking device) to adjust: dispensing speed, label position on the peeler (advance dispensing) and labeling point (application delay) removing the need for manual movement of the product detection sensor
  • In addition, a luminous button is available for “single shot” dispensing and alarm resetting
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