Label Applicators

These systems are mainly used to help automate the application of labels to primary products and packaging. They can be used to help add security labels, promotional labels, coupons, promotional collars, scratch off labels and many other types of media. 

The range of applications for label applicators and the industries they are used in is endless. Bespoke labelling systems are created by using a combination of label applicators to apply multiple labels in various positions.

Print Applicators

Print and apply solutions are mainly used where large amounts of variable data need to be printed on demand such as traded unit labels and pallet labels prior to application. 

These systems tend to be found on packaging lines where the primary products are packed into secondary packaging such as boxes, trays, shrink wrapped packs, cartons and cases. 

Once these packaging units have been loaded to pallets then print and apply systems are used to add pallet labels containing the variable data required to identify the contents.

Linear Labelling Systems

We are able to supply a complete range of ARCA bespoke labelling systems that can handle all types of label combinations onto all types of products. This can include top and bottom labelling, wrap and top labels, tamper evident labels and many other combinations. 

These systems can be designed to run non-stop with automatic label changeovers and have vision systems built in to ensure all products are labelled correctly. Through our light, solid and specialist ranges we have solutions for any potential application.

About Crown Labels - Plain and Printed Label Manufacturers

Crown Labels are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of plain and printed labels. Based in the Midlands, we are known for our superb print quality, technical knowledge and fast turnaround. We operate out of a 10,000 sq. foot factory in South Birmingham.

Crown Labels can print up to 8 colours in one pass on our presses. Our print capability includes both flexographic printed labels, and digitally printed labels. We print on a wide range of substrates including; paper, vinyl, and synthetics for small, medium or large print runs.

We continue to offer the competitive prices and high production standards that our customers have come to expect.

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